Best Glass Water Bottles in 2019

Shopping for a glass water bottle is not as simple as you think. With all the options out there, it can get quite confusing. It can be tricky to decide what is important especially if you don’t know what factors to weigh in. That is why it can be tempting to go for the cheapest one and just be done with it. The problem is, what if the cheapest one is not what you needed? Then you would have to go buy another one and go through the same process again. So we’ve decided to help you out with this problem. We’ve put up a list of 10 of the best glass water bottles available so you can really see what the differences are. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision when you are choosing the best glass water bottle for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you take your glass water bottle with you to the gym, office, while riding a bike or into the car. What is more important is that you get the right one. Just so you know, there are details like easy to put ice into and others that will help you decide which one fits your needs. To help you out with that, here are the factors you need to consider when choosing a glass water bottle.

Factors You Need To Consider

Types of glass – Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Width of mouth – Both in terms of putting things in and getting things out, the width of the mouth of the glass water bottle will matter.

Lid features – Features like leak proof, flip tops, bite valves and straws are all important are all important factors you need to consider.

Sizes available – The size of the glass water bottle will matter. If it won’t fit into your cup holder or doesn’t hold enough water for enough time, these are all important considerations you need to make.

Carry straps, measuring tools and design – Aesthetics will also matter. Believe it or not, a black water bottle is recommended. But it will still all boil down to your preference.

User reviews – Lastly, the best and most reliable factor you need to consider is the user review. This is the only way for you to see if the product really does what it says. With user reviews, you will know what to watch out for or anything else that might be interesting or extraordinary.

So without further ado, let’s look at the best glass water bottle available on the market today.

Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid – Best Selling

If you are looking for a versatile glass water bottle, the Zulu Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid is an excellent choice. It is the go-to water bottle for those who are involved in intense activities that they have a preference for not stopping just to drink their water.

Glass Type – It is made of soda lime glass that is certified to be lead free, phthalates free, PVC free and BPA free. Made specifically not to retain odors, stains or bleach in the sun or with repeated cleanings, this water bottle will preserve the temperature and the taste of any drink you want to put into it.

Wide or Narrow Mouth – Designed to be operated with only one hand with the use of a unique reinforced wide mouthed push button top. If you are an athlete, it will be easier for you to take in water quickly and while continuing to do what you should be doing. Best of all, the lid stays out of the way while you drink.

Lid Features – It is designed to be 100% leak proof, unless you put the bottle incorrectly. You can put it in your backpack and still won’t have to worry that it will leak even if it will be held up vertically. You can also operate the Flip Top with just one hand.

Sizes – It is available in a 20 ounce version and measures 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 10.3 inches. Although it is a little too big to fit in older cars with dash board flip-down type cup holders, the good news is, it does fit the normal standard size of the newer car cup holders that are more typically in the console area between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Also, it just  weighs 1. 26 pounds.

Other Features – It uses a protective silicone sleeve that is available in several different colors. This sleeve provides maximum protection from impact and is dishwasher safe which is a good bonus.

Bkr Original Glass Water Bottle – Best Design

If you want an aesthetically pleasing glass water bottle, then the Bkr Original Glass Water Bottle is your only option. By the way, Bkr is pronounced “beaker”. If you have a proclivity for beautiful things, this is the perfect accessory for the everyday need to get your 8 glasses of water in.

Glass Type – They are considered as the “antidote to cheap, disposable plastic bottles”. Just be careful not to drop it more than 3 feet, because it might break. If you look closely, the glass is like an average beer bottle in terms of thickness, maybe even a little bit thicker.

Narrow Mouth – It features their signature small mouth that is about the same size as the mouth of a disposable plastic bottle.  The only problem with a small mouth it that you can’t put in big ice chunks. To remedy that, the company does sell ice cube trays for making small ice cubes that will fit in the mouth of the bottle. If you put tea bags or pieces of lemon into your water bottle, then this isn’t for you. The mouth of the bottle will allow you to get water from water coolers, faucets or water fountains easily, although it won’t be as easy to fill as a bottle with a wider mouth.

Lid – You have to be extra careful when putting the lid on this water bottle, because if it is not screwed on properly, it may leak. It does use a silicone seal in the cap to keep the water inside the bottle even when it is upside down. But as stated, you have to make sure it is sealed properly.

Sizes – It has a measurement of 7.88 inches in height and 3.18 inches in width and holds 16 ounces. This is the ideal carrying size.

Other Features – The silicone sleeves of the Bkr Original Glass Water is perfect in terms of grip. It will be able to protect the glass from breakage and still be able to insulate the water inside. You can wash it in the dishwasher on the top rack and the sleeve is also safe in the dishwasher, so you won’t have to remove it. When storing the Bkr, make sure the cap is off though.

Overall, the bottle is classy and beautiful and marketed to A-listers. If you must know, Bkr has a dedicated following within the fashion industry, celebrities and beauty editors. That is why it is a cult favorite  and a symbol of pure mindful chic around the world.

Purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottle – Best Materials

If you are looking for a glass water bottle made of high quality materials, the Purifyyou Premium Glass water bottle is the perfect choice. It comes in different colors and in singles or multi packs. It is very functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Glass Type – It is made of high borosilicate glass which is more heat resistant than other types of glass used for water bottles. If you want to drink hot beverages, this is the type of glass you want.  It is 100% recyclable and does not give unwanted flavors or harmful chemicals into the beverage. It has a BPA free, lead free, PVC free, Phthalate free, cadmium free and reusable with a high-impact resistant, food-grade silicone sleeve.

Wide Mouth – It is designed with an easy twist-off cap so you can easily open the bottle. You can fit fruits or ice with its wide mouth, but is narrow enough so you can drink without spilling.

Lid features – The bottle is leak-proof and kid proof. It has a unique stainless steel inside cap which ensures that water never touches any plastic. The cap is made of polypropylene plastic, which is chemical leaching and corrosion resistant.

Sizes – This portable and stylish glass water bottle is lighter and thinner than most water bottles. The 12 or 22 oz bottles is small enough that it will fit into your purse. They also fit into most cup holders in cars.

Other Features – It uses an impact- resistant sleeve that is made of silicone. It also has a non- slip grip that makes it less likely to be dropped.  The cap is designed to have a large O- ring that allows you to carry it easily. And as you know, the silicone sleeve is an excellent insulator, so your beverage will remain hot or cold for extended periods.

Kablo Glass Water Bottle – Best Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle

The Kablo Glass Water bottle is the best choice for the environment friendly user. 

Glass Type –  Naturally, it is made of 100% high-density borosilicate glass. It is phthalate-free, BPS-free, BPA-free, non-toxic, and does not contain lead. During production, uncontaminated organic materials are used to ensure high quality borosilicate glass bottles. These glass bottles are gentle on the environment.

Wide Mouth – It has a 2-inch mouth openings that provides lots of room to add your ice or to make fruit and herb infusions.

Lid features – It sports a completely leak proof and air tight lid.  The outside of the cap is made of stainless steel and the inside of the cap is BPA- free polypropylene. Take note that this kind of polypropylene does not contain ‘Bisphenol A’ (BPA), which is the leaching chemical that is linked to several kinds of diseases. It will last longer and resists wear better than most kinds of plastic. The cap comes with a 100% silicone liner that prevents leaks and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Sizes – It comes in 21 or 32 ounce sizes.  It also fits into standard size cup holders.

Other Features – The glass water bottle is resistant to thermal shock and is made of a shatterproof glass. If in case the glass breaks, the bottle will split into a few large pieces. It is also dishwasher safe and the stainless steel caps are better washed by hand. Protective silicone sleeves are sold separately.

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle – Best Sleeve Options

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottles are built well and provides the best sleeve options for any glass water bottle available in the market today.

Glass Type –  It is made from naturally BPA-Free and lead-free glass that will not retain taste or odor.

Lid features – It sports a unique spill proof lid that allows sipping without tipping the bottle with the help of a patented flip-top bite valve system. Just flip the bite valve open and sip. You do not need to tip the bottle because of the straw. It employs a redesigned bite valve and cap that provides a faster flow and newly enhanced durability.

Sizes – This small water bottle holds 0.7 litres. It is great for short activities like a yoga class or a light walk.  Its dimensions are 10 inches x 1.4 inches x 3.5 inches.

Other Features – As was state above, it has the best sleeve options. It uses a lovely and stylish silicone sleeve that is easy to grip and adds a lot of extra protection for any potential impact. This durable water bottle is easy to carry and spill–proof as well. Plus, it is top–rack dishwasher safe and is available in a large selection of colors.

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with Flip Lid – Best Value For Your Money

The Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle provides the best value for your money. You ask why? Take a look at its features.

Glass Type – It uses a cadmium free, lead free, PVC free, phthalates free and BPA free glass. It does not smell or stain, or have that metallic or plastic–like  taste.

Wide Mouth –  Its mouth is wide enough so that ice cubes will fit easily. It is specifically designed to provide you with the perfect sip, drip–free water anytime, anywhere.

Lid features – The lid features a one–handed push button type lid and has a convenient carry loop that is attached which allows you to bring the bottle wherever you go.

Sizes – It is a 20-ounce glass water bottle that has a size dimension of 2.8 inches x 2.8 inches x 10.8 inches. It will fit into any standard cup holder.

Other Features – It sports a regular type of protective silicone sleeve that has an extra thick base to make it even more non-slippery. The sleeve also has cut outs so you can see how much water you have left. It is dishwasher safe, but don’t use it in the microwave or freeze the bottle.

Chef’s Star Glass Water Bottle 6 Pack – Best Multi-Pack Glass Water Bottle

The Chef’s Star Glass Water Bottle has an eco-friendly composition and is made of healthy materials. It is also aesthetically pleasing which makes it popular for glass water bottle users.

Glass Type –  It is made of BPA and phthalates free glass that won’t transfer flavors, stain or retain odors. It is marketed as a bottle to store freshly squeezed juices.

Lid features – It uses air-tight, leak-resistant caps that have carrying loops.  It will never leak even if it is held upside down.

Sizes – It comes in 18-ounce glass containers that will make for a great travel companion. It  will fit into standard cup holders.

Other Features – It is sold in a pack of six and offers a guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with them, you can return them and they will make it right.

Brieftons Glass Water Bottles – Best Juicing Bottles

The Brieftons Glass Water Bottles are designed to keep water, juices, brew, tea, sauces, kefir, drinks, coffee, salad dressing or fermented drinks in.

Glass Type – The glass is made from high quality, thick soda lime glass and is phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead free. It will not leach any odors or toxins since it is chemical-free. It is designed to be non-permeable and has a low expansion rate which makes it great for storing warm or cold beverages.

Lid features –  It comes with a 201–grade stainless steel cap that is leak proof and uses a silicone O- ring that makes a water-tight, air-tight seal. Even if you hold the bottle upside down, it won’t cause any leaks.

Sizes –  Each bottle has a capacity of 18 ounces and measures 8.7 inches in height x 2.6 inches in diameter. It sports a 1.2-inch mouth opening and a 1.6-inch outer diameter that is big enough to fit most ice cubes, but still small enough to drink comfortably directly from the bottle. It stores easily in the fridge, school bag, cupboard, most car cup holders, handbags, or even gym bags.

Other Features – It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. One thing that is unique with theses bottle is its ability to be substituted for the glass bottles used for aquasana, pratico, camelback, evenflo, chefs, estillo or epica. Upon purchase, it includes the 6 reusable, clear, thick walled, 18-ounce glass bottles and a cleaning brush that is large enough for easy and effective hand washing.  Plus, it also includes two juicing recipe ebooks that are exclusive to Brieftons.

The Brieftons Glass Water Bottles offer a full, unconditional money back guarantee that will apply if you are not happy with the glass bottles.

For special care, follow these instructions:

  • It is dishwasher-safe but can be hand-washed as well.
  • The bottle brush is designed to clean the insides of the bottles.
  • The O-rings and lids are only hand-washable.
  • Make sure to never attempt to sterilize them in very hot water.
  • Never subject the glass to extremely high or extremely low temperatures.
  • Never put the bottles into the microwave or in the freezer.

Reeho Borosilicate Bottle With Neoprene Sleeve – Best Bamboo Lid

Glass Type – The Reeho Glass Water Bottle is made of eco-friendly, BPA-free, borosilicate glass. It is easy to clean and can safely be reused. Since the borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, this water bottle is good to use if you are drinking warm beverages like tea. This bottle can tolerate temperatures from minus 30-degrees Celsius to 240-degrees Celsius. The glass is also 100% recyclable and is cadmium, lead, PVC, Phthalate and BPA free.

Wide Mouth –The mouth of the bottle is 2.24 inches wide and is spacious enough for ice cubes or fruit to fit in nicely.

Lid features – The cap is made out of bamboo as is implied above. It is very easy to twist on and off and is 100% leak-proof.

Sizes – It has a capacity of 24 ounces and has a size of about 8.74 inches high including the cap and 3.15 inches in diameter. Take note that it is wider than others and may not fit into some car cup holders.

Other Features – It uses a portable, neoprene sleeve that protects the bottle against breaking. The portable sleeve also provides a firm and safe grip. The sleeve includes a strap that makes it even easier to hold onto.  Since the sleeve insulates the bottle, you can put in hot or cold beverages. The gray neoprene sleeve may stain if coffee is spilt into it.

Three Drops of Life Glass Water Bottle – Best Hydration Tracker Glass Water Bottle

The Three Drops of Life water bottle is specifically designed to be more help for people striving to reach their daily hydration goal.

Glass Type – It is made from Borosilicate glass and uses the Time Marker Hydration Tracking system. It has time markers printed on the glass so you can see exactly what amount of water you should have consumed by what point in the day.  It is BPA and lead free. This high-density, non-toxic Borosilicate glass won’t pollute the environment. The glass is easy to clean and will maintain its clarity in the long term. Furthermore, it is dishwasher-safe and is 100% recyclable.

Lid features – The lid is made from brushed stainless steel that and has a ring attached that allows portability. It is tested to be spill and leak-proof as well. The glass part of the bottle is dishwasher-safe, but this stainless lid is best left to be hand-washed.

Sizes – It comes in a 32-ounce size which can be filled twice daily to achieve true hydration. This is the easiest way to measure and maintain daily hydration goals.

Other Features – The special time markings for hydration monitoring is its most unique feature. Upon purchase, you will get a silicone ring that fits over the bottle and will act as a bumper. This ring makes the bottle easier to grip, carry and will also help resist impact.


A glass water bottle is the best choice when it comes to reusable bottles mainly because of:

  • It is chemical-free, unlike many plastics and metals.
  • It will not leach poisons into your beverage.
  • It can be used in a wide temperature range.
  • It will keep your water fresh and clean.
  • It is easy to clean, especially in a dishwasher.
  • It will not fade or turn its color.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled over and over again.

In contrast, plastic water bottles are a huge threat to our planet. An estimated 100 million plastic bottles are disposed of every day, and that is just in the United States alone. Think about it, if we all drink our daily hydration requirement in clean, clear, non-toxic glass water bottles, we can help reduce the waste which will help our planet become cleaner.

How much water does each person need to drink on every day? Most experts say that there are several factors to consider:

  • Height and weight
  • General activity level and current activity level
  • Emotional and psychological stressors and stress levels
  • Climate, especially the humidity
  • Temperature
  • General diet

Based on the tests and analysis that we’ve done, the two best glass water bottles are the Three Drops of Life water bottle, because of its hydration measurements on the sides for every day, and for workout use. The second one is the Bkr glass water bottle. Think of it as like having a regular purse for daily use and a special one for dress up events.  But whatever your choice is, rest assured that a glass water bottle is an excellent way to keep you hydrated without polluting your environment.