Best Countertop Water Filters in 2019

Water has finally over-taken soft drinks and is now crowned as the “beverage of choice”. This just goes to show that more and more people are seeing the value of drinking clean and safe water. To ensure that you are indeed drinking clean and safe water, your best bet is to buy a countertop water filter. What makes a countertop water filter great is that it delivers the purest, most refreshing water every day, so you will stay healthy and hydrated.

What to consider when buying a countertop water filter?

Before you go out and buy a counter top water filter, there are a few important factors you need to consider first. Here they are.

Space – Consider the space on your countertop. Make sure you have enough room to fit the appliance. If not, going for an under the stink water filtration system is your best option.

Size of household – The jugs of the water filter come in different sizes so you’ll want to choose the right one depending on how much water you need every day. Keep in mind that the more you use it, the faster you’ll need to change the filter.

Budget – As we’ve said in our guides, budget plays an important factor when shopping for anything. Most countertop water filters will cost around $75 or go up from there. If you are low on budget, going for a simple water filter pitcher to keep in the fridge is your best option.

Water treatment need – The levels of filtration will also depend what you need to filter. For example, if you have contaminated water, going for a reverse osmosis model is your best option. If your water is hard, going for gravity filter is your best bet. If there is fluoride in your water, buying an additional fluoride filter is the solution. It all basically boils down to what you need.

Types of Countertop Water Filters

To better educate you on which countertop water filter to go for, you need to learn about what types are available and what each type can do.

Gravity Filter Water Dispenser

This type of filter uses gravity to pull the water towards the filter. The process is simple. You pour tap water in the top of the jug. It is then funnelled into the filter. The purified water will then drip into the bottom chamber. You will get your clean water from the bottom chamber. What’s great about this type is it doesn’t require any installation at all.

Faucet & Sinktop Water Filters

These filters will be hooked to the kitchen faucet. The water filter will sit near the sink top. This type of water filter will save money because it virtually doesn’t have any installation cost as compared to hiding the filter system under the sink.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

As mentioned previously, this system uses reverse osmosis, which is considered as one of the most advanced and safest ways to filter water.

Countertop Alkaline Water Filters

Countertop alkaline water filters will adjust the pH level of your water.

Best Countertop Gravity Water Filter – Big Berkey Water Filters

If you decide to go for a countertop gravity water filter type, then the Big Berkey Water Filter is the best choice. Berkey Water Filters is popular for its gravity-based countertop water filters. Their unit requires no installation. All you need to do is pour your water in the top chamber and enjoy the clean water that comes out of it.

Berkey offers effective fluoride filters. It is quite unique since it is an all stainless steel countertop water filter that will match your kitchen appliances. The Berkey line also comes in a variety of sizes, which will suit your family’s water needs.  But what probably separates Berkey filters from any other countertop gravity water filer is its impressive lab results. It really is the king of countertop gravity water filters.

Runner Up – Santevia Gravity Water Filter

The Santevia Gravity Water Filter comes in at second place. This high quality countertop gravity filter is comparable and less expensive than the Berkey filter. What makes this system unique is that it is capable of removing fluoride, arsenic and other contaminants. It also improves the overall taste of your water. It is elegantly designed and uses transparent filter which makes it pleasing to the eyes. You can assemble it easily and doesn’t require hook ups to water supplies.

Least Expensive – Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration

If you are on a tight budget, the Zen Water Systems Countertop Filtration is the filter for you. It sports  a 5-stage water filter that is capable of filtering most bacteria, chlorine and other contaminants, although it does not remove fluoride.

It also uses a transparent filter chamber that is elegantly designed. You can choose from 3 sizes available, the 4, 6 and 8 Gallon. Each filter can filter up to 500 gallons, which is relatively low. So if you choose this filter, be sure to factor in, costs for replacing the filter. But make no mistake, even though this countertop filter is not expensive, it is still considered very high quality.

Best Sinktop Water Filter System – CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter

The CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter is a very innovative water filter. It doesn’t require filter changes and has the ability to filter over 10,000 gallons of water before you need to replace it. Best of all, it isn’t expensive. In fact, it is one of the most affordable water filters on our list! This no-hassle water filter hooks directly to your kitchen faucet.

Runner Up – Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop

The Home Master TMJRF2E Sinktop comes in as a close second to the CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter. This affordable, elegant looking and highly effective counter top water filter system, can achieve up to 93% removal of contaminants like Fluoride, Chlorine, Aluminium and Arsenic. If you already havea very clean public water supply and are looking to get that pure water taste, then this is the best choice. Best of all, this filter doesn’t take up a lot space, which makes it an easy choice for the more budget conscious customers.

Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – ZIP by Puricom

This water filter is being used by the Armed Forces. And for good reason. Using this water filter is the best of filtering water because it can achieve up to 99.9% filtration of contaminants. The ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter has a stunning design and does not require any installation. Just plug it in and pour water into the chamber and voila, you get access the purest and cleanest water on Earth.

Runner Up – APEC Portable RO Water Filter

Coming in second place in the best reverse osmosis countertops is the APEC Portable RO water filter system. It might not be the most elegant water filter but it does the job well. It doesn’t require any installation. It also hooks directly to the kitchen faucet. This system is recommended if you just require a small amount of RO water every day. It is the best option for a single person or couple living in an apartment or condo.

Best Countertop Alkaline Water Filter – pH Recharge Alkaline Water Machine

The pH Recharge Alkaline Water Machine is an inexpensive Alkaline water ionizer and water filter in one. It has a 6-stage water filter that can remove most chlorine, fluoride, pathogens and other contaminants. Best of all, it doesn’t filter out beneficial minerals like calcium and selenium. Based on lab results the filter will not remove a lot of TDS from the water, but it does adjust the pH as advertised. Also, it makes the water taste great.

Now that you’ve seen the best countertop water filters for each type, you can now go out and get the one for your needs. Just remember that the main reason to get a counter top water filter is to remind you to drink more water. And take note that counter top water filtration systems eat up visible space more than other water filters. Now that you have a way to drink the purest and safest water, you have no excuse to not drink the recommended amount water every day.